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Size it - Stand Alone Embroidery Sizing Software Intro course

Embrace embroidery designs big and small with Size It. This stand-alone sizing program can increase designs for larger projects or reduce them to fit in your hoop. Size it has more sizing abilities than most embroidery machines so you can create the projects you've always wanted to try. This course will be covering basic abilities of this program with the emphasis of viewing, sizing, saving and transferring designs from your computer to your machine.

Software Features

  • Increase design size up to 150% or decrease as much as 50%

  • Size with "handles" or type in an exact size or percentage

  • Recalculates stitch density

  • Re-color designs; resequence and/or remove color stops

  • Rotate, merge, flip and mirror-image designs

  • View designs as thumbnails, including .zip files

  • Print templates

Size It works on its own - no "platform" program is needed.

Skill Level:
Beginner to All levels
Size it software installed to Windows based lab top computer. Bring lab top to interact with class lecture.
Instructor Name:
Instructor Bio:

Size it - Stand Alone Embroidery Sizing Software Intro course

$ 99.00
course included with the Purchase of Size it software from Cynthia's.